About Kum Nye

Kum Nye is an ancient Tibetan healing method that leads to the integration of body and mind. In addition to physical and breathing exercises, it also consists of self-massage and meditation techniques which bring about deep relaxation, dissolving the causes of physical complaints as well as concentration difficulties and inner imbalance.

The exercises are easy to learn and can be practiced by anyone. It also includes methods from yoga, tai chi, acupressure and shiatsu massage and, in this unique combination, can go far beyond the effects of the individual methods.

As inner and outer relaxation leads to an integration of body and mind in all our activities, it is extraordinarily invigorating and lasts longer than the feeling of well-being experienced after exercising.

Kum Nye Yoga invites us to explore and experiment with our senses, feelings and body energies and leads to a strengthening of our self-knowledge through new experiences.

Kum Nye practice also benefits from the wealth of experience of Buddhism in the context of spiritual training through meditation.

Through regular practice, the entire organism can be revitalized, a more balanced and healthier lifestyle can be experienced and an alert presence of mind in everyday life can be achieved.

In close cooperation with Western psychotherapists and doctors, Tarthang Tulku, the director of the interdisciplinary Nyingma Institute in Berkeley, California, adapted the Tibetan healing and relaxation system for the West.